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Friday, April 22, 2011

Try TO MaKe SoMe EnRTy~

Thanks for eyery one who have read my post..
I want to say thanks so much because it can make me happy..
And I fell so happy to who have comments my post...
I don't no what to say..
Well.. Although my post is bad just comments... I never give up..
And I think what I write is true and it not so bad..
But just seldom..
Now I have changes at my home just see..
A home I choose Mum , Dad , and my siblings to teach me..
But now my English not bad.. I practice to post in English because I want to learn English.. 
I think that English make me happy..
And I think what I post is better than before...

#And for every one who want to follow me just follow...
Thanks for who have follow me..
Muahhh.. XOXO N
From : Hana Nana ! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bomm2 Chak .. Nana In THe RoOm!!

boleh laa eheheheeh

nie laa cik Hana..hihihi x comel pon...nampak jerk comel harap awak semua suka tgok muker sayer ok...tah laa x taw nak tls aper..k laa nak siapkan barang seklah nie..esok dah naik kolah..eemmm x best yer..pnat laa sayer cpat besar kan seronok... XOXO N