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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TrY SPeaKInG LOnDon n X SBaR naK G INterVIew..

First when my mum took some form from PPD.. When I heard that I feel very happy because all my friends said that school good n best.. And now I feel so excited to go to the interview.. But I don't know how to speak when I'm in the interview.. Maybe I have to study n practice to speak now.. So I can improve my English n I can speak very well..

Tuesday I had asked my sister's friends how she felt in MRSM BATU PAHAT.. She said that school very best because it gave she ate five times a day.. so best.. And she also said all about the school.. I hope I can get the interview.. ermmm..

My mum n my dad said to me if I in the interview I have to be brave n confident to myself..
I think I can do that.. XOXO N