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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Miss My Entry

dah lme dah x buat entry.. ye laa skrang ni Nana kt asrama .. NO COMPUTER N NO HANDPHONE..
dah mle dah law die.. nyampah.. but as discipline student I have to be macture and to think positive.. and I have to follow ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the school's law.. I"ve tired with all of this n I've getiing fade up ..
because the law is TOOOOOOOOOOOOO tied.. STRESSSSSSSSSS aku dibuatnyer..


Tidak mengapa.. sbb saye dah besar.. dah boleh membezakan antara yang baik dan yg buruk.. saye dh ade akal yg sempurna to think how to settle the all problem that always in my mind.. InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah I can approve the reality.. 


It's better than what I"m think.. Now there is NO BULLIES anymore.. so i"m free.. but Ihave one more prob that ican"t settle it.. It  is "HOMESICK".. I misss my family so much.. I don"t know why?? CAN YOU , YES YOU THAT READ MINE.. CAN YOU HELP ME?? how to leave it??

#tata.. nak lyan tweet..
  jom follo
 Hana_Nana ( S J )/ @Nana_Lucies
 thanks for read~
 Love you <3<3 XOXO N

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